21 Day #RakMyZills Resources and Reflections

I just spent 21 Days zilling playing the most amazing zills on the planet with some of the most amazing dancers on the planet.

And I am so very grateful.

The 21 Day #RakMyZills Challenge with Saroyan Cymbals far surpassed anything I could have ever hoped for. Over 70 dancers in more than 5 countries participated, making time in their busy lives to spend a moment making music with me. Wow. I am beyond honored.

I am amazed at where my life has taken me since beginning to dance nearly two decades ago.  Who would have thought the belly dance class I drove across town for once a week would put me on the path to find my calling, my passion and my sanctuary. Twenty years later and I am so grateful I can spread the joy of the dance with people around the world… and so easily! A one-minute video a day and new zill fans are created. Amazing!

So here it is, my lovely ZillStars – a list of resources for you to continue on your belly dance journey. 

I know we will dance together very soon!

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