Urban Gypsy Folkloric Combinations

In this DVD, Sahira takes you on a journey into the heart of Egypt. Drawing heavily from the folkloric dancers of the Middle East, the combinations in this DVD put a new spin on several ancient movements. Each combination is first taught for a soloist and is built from the ground up with a focus on technique. Urban Gypsy then takes you through a few of the movements with exciting variations for troupes! A special section on music theory and zill technique is provided to complement the zill patterns used in some combinations. The DVD ends with a special performance by Urban Gypsy. Suitable for the tribal or cabaret stage, “Urban Gypsy Folkloric Combinations” will take your dance back to its roots!



Spanish Gypsy Passion

Learn a fiery Spanish Gypsy skirt piece that can be performed as a solo, or with a partner as a sassy duet! International instructors Sahira and Silvia Salamanca join forces in this exciting instructional video. Included are studio performances of both the solo, the duet, and a costumed theater performance of the entire piece. So pick up your skirt and dance with the Gypsies in this fabulous choreography perfect for the Tribal or Cabaret stage! Ole!




Ali is an intermediate-advanced level choreography that combines movements from Bhangra, West African, Spanish and Tribal Fusion Dance. The DVD also includes a bonus section on improvisation skirt work and a special performance by Urban Gypsy.



Arabian Spices

Arabian Spices is an intermediate level super-gooey slow choreography, good for tribal or cabaret style dancers wanting to learn something beautiful and snakey. The DVD includes a special performance by Urban Gypsy



Bella Donna Ya Helwa

Helwa is a beginner-intermediate level choreography in the Egyptian style. It utilizes both veil and zills and is taught by all four beautiful Bella Donna dancers. A bonus section shows variations for a troupe performance.