I have a dream…

So excited to begin another fabulous year of belly dance with you!

Today we are embarking on my new quest in zill instruction for 2019… I promise to make you use ALL the zill sounds! No more settling for just a basic ring when there is a world of noises these things can make!


Check out my Zill Sounds Primer here: youtu.be/SAOzEK-EkRg

And learn how to count zills like a real musician here: youtu.be/1UBYe3Szd6k

Get your very own pair of Saroyan Ghawazee in Bronze (my most favorite zills ever!) here: sahira.cc/GhawazeeZills

Want to become a total zill rockstar? Take more finger cymabal classes with me here!



Let’s do this!

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