Need something sexy for Valentine’s Day? I’ve got you covered.

I’m not into chocolates or flowers, and my husband and I don’t even go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day to celebrate. I mean, why pay more for a limited menu in an awkward everyone-is-trying-to-be-romantic environment, right?

So this year I decided to gift the love of my life something a lot more memorable… this choreography. Incredibly sultry, with lots of room to add your personal flare, “Into You” has been tested and…let’s just say… approved.

The entire thing can be learned in under one hour – so get in there and crank up the heat!

Get this choreography for FREE for the next 24 hours only. After that the price goes up to $10.

(Available to Sahira newsletter subscribers only. To get the deal, please use the link below.)

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