Day 9 – 100 Ladies Dancing!

This is the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS from me to you!

A new gift, discount, or giveaway for you everyday for twelve days (from December 11 until the 23rd to be exact).

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Perfect for nine ladies dancing (or 900 as the case may be), I have a sassy and fabulous choreography for you! This brand new release was just created for my beginner dancers here at the NiaMoves Studio in Houston, and can I just say that sassy may be the understatement of the year? You can learn this choreography in just under four hours and be on your way to the sparkly belly dance fashion runway before Santa even gets here!

Step onto the dance floor and make your voice heard.

This choreography releases today at $25 but is yours for just $10 for the next 48 hours – so don’t delay!

(Gift certificates also available. Contact me at for details)

Happy holidays to all!


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