Tribal Revolution | Zills Zills Zills!

This weekend I had the honor of teaching a sold out zill class at the amazing Tribal Revolution Belly Dance Festival in Chicago, Illinois. For years I have felt that the art of finger cymbals playing was on the decline as festival show after festival show featured not one dancer playing these amazing instruments. But now I can confidently say that the scene is on the upswing, due much in part to the tribal community.  Not only ATS but many of the big names in the scene are bringing cymbals back into their dance and I am TOTALLY THRILLED!

Thank you, incredible dancers, for wanting to level up your zill playing and for choosing to do it with me!  I am honored and grateful to have had this moment with you to share my love of the zills, geek out a little bit and play!

So here it is, my lovely ZillStars – a list of resources for you to continue on your finger cymbals journey. 

I know we will dance together very soon!

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