What do you need to make you totally happy in your dance right now?

My husband, daughter and I have been spending some time visiting family in the mountains of Arizona. How I love it here!  We spend every day surrounded by nature and the ones we love (and it’s also about 20 degrees cooler than it is in Houston at the moment)! A total win-win if you ask me.

Yesterday we accompanied my family to church and something the pastor said really got me thinking.  While it’s an idea I’ve been introduced to before, yesterday it was presented in a way that made it instantly understandable and applicable to my life and my dance.

While searching for happiness throughout my life I’ve often traveled through these thoughts.


For example:

If I stop eating dessert so often I will lose the weight I want and then I will finally be more comfortable in my own skin.

Or maybe

If I buy this new costume I will have more confidence on stage and then I will be a better dancer.

Or more recently for me

If I post everyday on social media, then I will have more followers so I can be the popular belly dancer I want to be.

The sermon proposed that we think about it all in the reverse.


So in contrast:

I am comfortable with who I am and know that I have what I need to be healthier. Because I come from a place of contentment with myself I will naturally act in a way that cares for my body.

I am a dancer and have all the resources I need to continue to improve, so I will keep learning and growing and studying because I am happy in that process.

I am a confident and accomplished dancer and I have so much I want to share, so I will share my knowledge from a place of love with those around me.

Research has shown time and again that people who have/do/accomplish all that they want are not guaranteed happiness. In fact, this process of “I will do this so I can have that” often becomes a never ending circle that brings very little fulfillment. 

In contrast, it is those who have consciously choosen every day to be happy with where they are, who they are and what they do that tend to achieve more because they are coming from a place of true contentment.

We all struggle with wanting to be/do/achieve more. I am learning that when we find that the happiness we seek was inside us all along that the magic truly happens.

Is there an area in your life or your dance where you are struggling – where you feel like if you could just do/buy/find that one thing you need you could finally be happy?

How can you reverse this logic to find happiness where you are right now? 

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