This knowledge is life changing.

Have you ever found yourself completely frozen on the dance floor when trying to put together a choreography?  Your mind goes totally blank as your hips grasp for a move that will be perfect for that section of music. We as dancers are forever hung up on the WHAT of our choreographies – more specifically exactly WHAT move should come next in our dance.

I have news for you.

The WHAT is not the really important part.  The HOW is.

Almost whatever movement you choose to do can be darn near perfect in the moment, if you do it while truly listening to the music.

Let me say that one more time, just to be sure you heard me.

Nearly any movement you choose to use while dancing can look like it was perfectly selected and destined to be there if you let the music be your guide.

So please let go of your quest to find the “perfect” or “best” movement when working on a choreography and open yourself and your heart to expressing what wants to come out of YOUR body.

Next, practice doing that movement in a way that expresses the music that is inspiring your dance. Whether your movement is a chest circle or a hip drop, I promise you can find a way to make it sit inside the music and create dance magic. So stop panicking and start enjoying the process!

Have your doubts?  Good! Try this exercise and see for yourself.



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